Frequently Asked Qestions

How do I watch TVtibi?

TVtibi is available for download on iOS, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1.  (Android Coming Soon!)

Download TVtibi App on Windows

Download TVtibi App from Apple

TVtibi Quick Start Guide

What is TVtibi?

Help! I can't log in!

When you register your account with TVtibi, you will receive an email confirmation.  To activate your account, you must click the link in the email confirmation

This validates your email and prevents others from creating an account with your information.

If you deleted the email before clicking the link, register with the same email again and you will receive a new confirmation email.

If you can't remember your password, you can have a password recovery email sent to your account.  Look for the Forgot Password link next to the sign-in boxes.

I downloaded TVtibi, how do I rent a movie or channel?

Note:  You will receive a confirmation email when you sign up. You must click the link to activate your account.
(Be sure to check your Spam or Junk Email folder)

Sign in to TVtibi

1. Select your name in the top right corner of the TVtibi application and select Profile

2. Click the Credit tab

3. Click "Add tickets to My Credit" (Windows only: select In-App or PayPal option)

4. Click on the desired ticket package

5. Confirm your purchase with password, tickets will now be available for use

Can I use one Sign-In account when traveling globally?

Yes!    Your one(1) TVtibi account will provide access globally on your devices.

How many simultaneously login, or devices, can I have logged into TVtibi?

Your account reserves three(3) active simultaneous logins (or devices). However, you may purchase additional device access for a small monthly fee.

How do I report a problem, question or feedback?

There are two ways to contact us directly:

2. Profile Comment:  After login to app, utilize the comment icon in upper right top of screen.

I am an Independent film maker, how do I contact TVtibi for global distribution of my content?

Email us at: